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ACTEL is a join stock company established in 2007 by a group of professional telecom engineer focusing on integrated services based on long experience in telecom industry .. Our HQ is located in Cairo, Egypt

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ACTEL is a leader in the Supply of Telecommunications Services in the Egyptian Telecom market and the region with a proven track record in successfully delivering telecommunication projects. We have developed teams of highly skilled professionals capable of delivering high quality on time in Egypt and MENA region. ACTEL has managed to successfully implement projects outside Egypt in MENA region. We believe that services are the key element of successful business and we are sure that we can provide your company with proven, reliable, and cost effective services that shall meet and exceed your customer satisfaction and quality standards. ACTEL with a wide portfolio of business activities ranging from contracting to railways and navigation services to manufacturing. While ACTEL has a solid base in traditional sectors, it is also a leader in the new technologies, with significant holdings in Telecommunications, information technology, and networking.


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